8 Visual Quotes To Inspire Freelancers


We all need a little boost to our motivation sometimes. When you are working in a creative field, it isn’t enough to be able to design, or draw, or write, or take photos. Your mind has to slip into the space where ideas are born, and where they can be refined into something truly great.
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The Importance Of Finding Work-Life Balance: A Freelancer’s Guide


At Motiv, we have always had a very particular reason for creating our service: we want freelancers to be able to more easily run their business. That motivation lends itself to the ultimate goal of providing freelancers with a tool that can help them better establish work-life balance. If you are spending less time on
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Holiday Gifts For The Freelancer In Your Life


The holidays are here! I realize that not everyone who reads this blog celebrates these particular holidays. The good news is that any one of these gifts can be used for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because. If you are reading this, you are probably the freelancer in your life. While it is perfectly acceptable to
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