Managing Your Time: Knowing When To Work (And When To Play Hooky)


There is this great Slideshare presentation put together by Etienne Garbugli of Lean B2b. In it, he puts together a list of different productivity hacks that he says he wished he knew back when he was 20, including those on managing your time. Reading them over, there are a lot of great ones. But the first
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5 Infographics That Explain The Rise In Self Employment


In the past couple of years there has been a serious rise in the number of self employed people around the world. Within the United States and United Kingdom, the increase of those who are either running their own business or freelancing full time has been especially significant. Most statistics just refer to those who do
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Overcoming Fear and Taking Leaps


When I tell people what I do for a living, they are generally interested. The most common question is, “How did you get started doing something like that?” Which really means: “How do I get started doing something like that?” Unfortunately, the response to my answer is often just as predictable: “Oh, I could never do
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