Why are Freelancers so Passionate? What Drives Them?


When a freelancer tells another person what they do, they’re often met with a response similar to “It must be nice to not have a real job.” Or “So you get to sit at home on the couch watching TV all day?!” As a fellow freelancer, I know how much this can upset or frustrate you. These people along with many others in the world don’t know what goes on behind the scenes; when paper meets pen and there are deadlines to be met. But you do. So do thousands of other freelancers living next door and across the world. Really, freelancers are a quite passionate and hardworking bunch! Where does a freelancer’s passion come from?

Something that’s your Own

A freelancer runs their own small corporation. There are company policies, practices and a cultivated culture that’s all your own. While these may differ drastically from a corporate or even midsized business, the principle is the same. What makes it different is that it’s your own. Having a base of customers of any size is something to be proud of. YOU cultivated that relationship. YOU produced work that significantly touched the lives and businesses of hardworking individuals. This is something special that not many other life instances can bring.

A Small Taste

Just a tiny taste or lick of success is all a freelancer needs to get going. Imagine just having one client that consistently tells you that you’ve done a great job. Multiply that times the size of your business. In a corporate world you’re lucky to get that once per week. Studies in the corporate world have shown that motivated employees work harder and take more pride in their work. What you do reflects who you are and what you want to put into the world. Success is contagious and spreads like wildfire.

A Strong Bunch

If you want to insult a freelancer, tell them they aren’t resourceful. Freelancers often become a part of a tight knit community on the web via forums, membership sites, meet ups or through work partnerships. Having this open and like-minded group of educated thinkers on your side sets you all up to succeed with flying colors. Whether it’s sharing tips on best client practices, how to save a buck or two with taxes or even how much to charge for a project, the community is there for freelancers. Blogs have developed along with educational seminars created specifically for the group.

There’s a wealth of information surrounding freelancers and their knowledge. It’s a group of individuals within the working world that should receive more credit than is often given. Most freelancers strive for a world class experience with each customer and each project. This energy is just not present in the corporate world.

Jordyn Rickard is a young working professional with over two years and counting in the freelancing world as a writer and marketing strategist. Now leading A Young Mind, a motivational blog for young individuals, Rickard hopes to share her in depth knowledge of the client’s mind and content tips with other freelancers both new and experienced.

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